VRF & VRV Systems

While other HVAC systems operate on a more rigid full-on or full-off schedule, Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems deliver refrigerant at variable rates and exact amounts to spaces that need it, meeting the heating and cooling needs of the building with increased precision and efficiency.

Our VRF systems use an orbiting scroll to maximize the compression process, ultimately operating with greater efficiency than other VRF systems and conventional HVAC units. That translates to savings for building owners.

Benefits for buildings and budgets


Buildings rarely require 100% capacity of their HVAC systems. While adjusting to heating and cooling requirements for each space, our VRF technology allows the system to run at reduced speeds, saving energy and money.

Simultaneous heating and cooling

Our 3-pipe system heats and cools simultaneously, allowing the system to quickly and accurately cater to the way most buildings perform throughout the day.

Space savings

Because our VRF systems deliver comfort with refrigerant through small pipes, they use about half of the ceiling space required for conventional HVAC unit ductwork, allowing greater architectural freedom.


With the modular design of our VRF, systems can efficiently control climate in nearly any space from a small, single office to a high-rise building.