With time, if you do not indulge in routine maintenance, then the efficiency of your air conditioner will decrease. Not only so, you might also have to end up with huge repair bills. To save such a headache, you can simply schedule a tune up by opting for affordable air conditioning servicing and repairs with us.

You will get a full range of professional air conditioning, air handling and mechanical services for a wide and diverse client portfolio throughout Gujarat and nearby. Sahaj Cooling has been trading since 2006 and utilizes the combined experience of air conditioning and mechanical engineering professionals.

Signs of maintenance requirement:

  1. Loss of performance
  2. Poor Airflow
  3. Increased energy bill
  4. Stale odours

As per the climatic conditions of India, it is recommended to have at least three services a year for better performance and long life of the system.


Costs of Running your Air-Conditioning Unit with appropriate timely serviced can be reduced to 36% of the inadequate serviced one. Also cleaning your Air-Conditioning system will also destroy 99.9% of bacteria and fungi on contact under 60 seconds and can lead to healthy environment.